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How to fold your American Flag into a triangle

The flag of the United States is made to specific proportions, therefore we can always fold it the same unique way and it will come out the same, no matter what size it is. 

Steps :

1.) To properly fold the Flag, begin by holding it waist-high with another person so that its surface is parallel to the ground :


Folding your flag


2.) Fold the flag in half twice, width-wise :

1st Fold:

fold american flag

2nd Fold:

folding a flag

3.) Beginning at the striped end, fold one corner into the opposite side of the flag, forming a triangle :


american flag fold


4.) Repeat this triangular folding until only a small strip of the star field shows :


fold your flag

5.) Tuck this strip into the triangle :


flag folding how to



Keep the flag from touching the ground while folding. When making the two width-wise folds, be sure to keep the stars on the outside. If you do this, you will have a triangular field of stars when you are finished folding the flag.



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