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America's Major Wars

The Military Participation

  • Revolutionary War - Read the statistic for the American Revolutionary War.  Categorized by year, departments, and state, you will find all of the information on numbers in the army.
  • War of 1812 - A comparison of the enlisted men in the War of 1812 and the commanding officers who took part in this war.
  • Mexican War - Brief statistics of the pre-war military numbers, the wartime military numbers, and the volunteers that aided the military during the Mexican War.
  • American Civil War - A chart that not only shows military participation for the American Civil War, but for every major war the US has taken part in.
  • Spanish American War - A very resourceful page with information about other resources that break down the amount of military participation during the Spanish American War by state.
  • World War I - View the number of soldiers enlisted in not only the United States military, but other countries involved in World War I.
  • World War II - Including not only military, but civilian deaths, you can compare the military size and numbers by countries involved in World War II.
  • Korean War - Find out how many men and women served in the Korean War for the United States.
  • Vietnam War - Including information on how many military personnel were enlisted in the Vietnam War, this page serves as a statistics sheet for this major US War.
  • Gulf War - Get the numbers of military participants during the Gulf War in addition to snippets taken from major publications during the Gulf War.


  • Revolutionary War - Battle statistics and number of lives lost during the Revolutionary War.
  • War of 1812 - Broken down by military branch, this is a complete listing of not only the American causalities during the war of 1812, but other country's losses as well.
  • Mexican War - Read the PDF article that summarizes the money the Mexican War cost, and the causalities of soldiers lost during this war.
  • Civil War Union - Find the causalities for the Union army during the Civil War.
  • Civil War Confederate - An in depth look at the total losses of Confederate soldiers in the American Civil War.
  • American Civil War - View the causalities of commanders during the American Civil War.
  • Spanish American War - A list of war casualties for the Spanish American war and other major wars the United States has been involved in.
  • World War I - An extremely useful page that has the approximate number of casualties for every country that took part in World War I.
  • World War II - Categorized by the Allies and the Axis, this chart breaks down the death totals of every country involved in WWII.
  • Korean War - Broken down by country, this not only lists the death tolls of the Korean War, but the war costs.
  • Vietnam War - In addition to deaths by country, this website also lists the number of soldiers who are unaccounted for from the Vietnam War.
  • Gulf War - A PDF file that is a casualty summary for the Persian Gulf War.

Financial Cost

  • Revolutionary War - These basic Revolutionary War statistics include the financial cost that the United States is still paying today.
  • War of 1812 - A wonderful summary of the War of 1812, including important facts and statistics such as the cost of this major United States War.
  • Mexican War - A PDF file of information that was posted in the New York Times in 1913. 
  • American Civil War - In addition to the immense number of deaths during the American Civil War, this war cost the United States a large amount of money.
  • Spanish American War - One of the less costly wars the US took part in, see how the Spanish American War compares to other major US wars.
  • World War I - Broken down by country, this is an easy to read chart showing financial costs during the First World War
  • World War II - Excellent information on World War II, including death tallies and the financial cost to the United States.
  • Korean War - Listing not only the cost of the Korean War, but every other major war in US history, this is an easy to read and very educational page.
  • Vietnam War - These Vietnam War statistics list not only the financial cost of the Vietnam War but many other resources regarding the longest war in US history.
  • Gulf War - A graph and summary that explains how much the Gulf War ended up costing the United States.



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